For Zorsol, quality means delivering aesthetically perfect and reliable products over time, in every aspect. At the development process, we test all the materials and finished products. We work with carefully selected suppliers. Finally, we check every single item before it is carefully packed. We know that an overlooked detail can ruin an excellent service. And that, after the funeral, the funeral company’s reputation depends on the effectiveness of the equipment that preserves the corpse.


Every year, we meet hundreds of companies in the death care industry to find out what the requirements and needs of operators are. From the design stage, we confront those who face the complex reality of the funeral day after day. This is how our solutions are born, and they lead our daily work to a successful outcome. For us, every customer matters.

Technical support

With Zorsol you are never alone. Our staff will help you choose the product that best suits your needs. Qualified technicians will provide you with all the information to get the most out of our equipment, training your employees when you consider it appropriate.


For Zorsol, giving a perfect product is not enough: we want to deliver what you need when you need it, and to the extent you need it. Working with Zorsol means buying directly from the manufacturer, even for small amounts, and immediately receiving the goods.